Skin Needling

Skin Needling

Skin needling is a great treatment for mature skins to re-build collagen and refine the texture of the skin.  Skin needling is also really beneficial for younger skins to treat scarring, to maintain plumpness and also as a wrinkle preventor.

This treatment delivers miniscule puncture holes to the skin, via very fine needles, at a depth that stimulates skin renewal.  In combination with the needling, a hyaluronic serum delivers a super hydrating complex into the needled area.

After needling the skin will develop redness, similar to sunburn, for up to 48 hours and may experience flakiness/light peeling.

Immediate results are a smoother skin texture with deeper results building over time. A course of treatments are required for best results.  We recommend combining skin-needling treatments with peels, and laser/LED treatments for ultimate results.

45 mins.

$250 Single Treatment includes super hydrating Stem Cell Face Mask

$650 Course of 3 Skin Needling Treatments with Stem Cell Face Masks.  (Treatments are 4 weeks apart.)

$850 Course of 3 Skin needling treatments and 2 Lactic Peels + LED Light (This course provides best result with fortnightly treatments.)

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