Peels and Peel Programs

Peels and Peel Programs

A large selection of Peels of varying strengths are available.  Discuss with your therapist which Peel or Peel Program will best suit your skin concerns and lifestyle.  

Price on Consultation
Dr Ryan performs a range of Medical Grade acid based peels that deliver immediate and noticeable results for a more fresh and clear complexion.  Depending on level of treatment, some downtime may be required.  Book in for a complimentary consultation with Dr Ryan to discuss your peel options.

$75 Single Treatment
A Vitamin A rich retinol solution is applied to cleansed skin and left on as a mask. Treatment may cause flakiness for up to 5 days, leaving skin with a glowing more youthful appearance. 

This treatment is ideal for all skin types, and is perfect preparation for special occasions.  For optimum results use Vitamin A Wash in conjunction with a laser facial, please see our CMSP Signature Facial for more information.

Blueberry Peel can be used on all skin types, with no preparation or down time required.  Notice immediate results with skin appearing fresh and with a smooth, soft texture.   

Using one of nature’s ancient superfoods, the Acai Berry peel produces a younger, more vibrant looking skin, treating fine lines and wrinkles, ageing concerns and pigmentation. 


$120 Single Treatment
We have a range of Advanced Aspect Dr Peels addressing skin concerns such as Anti Aging, Pigmentation, Blemishes and Acne scarring.  These Cosmeceutical Peels use salicylic acid and skin must be prepped with appropriate products 2 weeks prior to treatment and 1 week post treatment. Treatment includes deep cleanse and sunscreen application.

For best results a Peel Program including home care products is recommended.  No downtime is required for these Peel Programs. 

6 Week Intro Peel Program and Kit, $250. 
Program includes 3 x Blueberry Peels, Aspect Dr Try Me Kit and Sunscreen.  (Home Care Product Value $70.)

12 Week Aspect Dr Advanced Peel Program and Kit, $675
Program includes a series of 4 Advanced Peels plus Pre Treatment Kit, Post Treatment Kit and Sunscreen.  (Home Care Product value $417.)

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